About Us

About Us

The Church of God (Philippines), is a group of godly believers who bonded themselves together in the Philadelphian spirit of Revelation 3:7,8 (on the first day of the Sacred year in 2016), to be freed from political and corporate controls, in order to pursue and practice godly love, more and purer biblical truths; and to be able to carry out a function of God’s Work not currently done adequately by the big corporate church organizations especially in this nation. While based in Davao City, Philippines, thru the Internet, it aims to serve as many of God’s called-out ones everywhere in the world.

What is the “Church of God”?

The Church (Greek: “ekklesia“) of God is composed of people called out of this world by God the Father thru the Holy Spirit, and spiritually given to Christ for His safe-keeping (John 6:44, 65). In this life, they are granted, led, and sanctified by God’s Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9-11), and maintains that connection by keeping God’s commandments (1 John 3:24). As a result of the free gift of their calling, they are expected, to do good works (Ephesians 2:10); and preserve the truths of God in their lives (1 Timothy 3:15b). As a collective body, members try to participate in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in all the world (within their individual capabilities); and support the teaching of obedience to all of God’s commandments; which may result to the baptizing of those being called to salvation now (Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20). We believe that the Church of God (Philippines) is part of that great Spiritual Body so described.

Origin of our Beliefs

Due to the many obvious similarities, we identify our roots and origins back to the one true Church of God imbued with God’s Holy Spirit, and founded by Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah) through His original apostles. Through the enlightenment of the same Holy Spirit of God, we follow the same teachings, doctrines, and practices established then.


The Church of God (Philippines), bases its doctrines on the totality of Scriptures revealed in the Hebrew and Apostolic writings (Old and New Testaments) of the Bible as spiritually applicable. The church establishes its basic doctrines which includes the following:

  • That God the Father (YHWH Elohim El Elyon) and Jesus Christ the Son (Yahshua Messiah) are two distinct beings who compose the God family (Elohim), and that the Holy Spirit of God is the “Power of God” to accomplish all Their will, and to create God’s divine character among humans.
  • That the Kingdom of God (or Government of God) rules over all. Generally unknown to mankind, Christ came to announce that initial coming rule upon this earth upon His return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. When the rest of humanity would have become spiritual children of God, they too participate in that rule which will extend to include the whole universe and beyond.
  • That the Ten Commandments reveal the wisdom of The Creator to guide humans in their individual relationships to God and to fellow men; and therefore, should be obeyed by all.
  • That the Fourth Commandment teaches people to observe the seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath. Members of the church do not work or take part in recreational activities from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, and as circumstances permit, assemble for church services in locations accessible to them. For remotely located members but with Internet facilities, they are encouraged to connect via Facebook Live to join in for Sabbath services and other church assemblies. (Fb Group: COG Philippines)
  • That the seven annual festivals found in Leviticus 23, and supported by various New Testament passages, are to be kept and intrinsically reveal the salvation plan of God for humanity.
  • That in keeping with God’s unchanging command of holiness to His people, and remembering that our bodies are the “temple of God’s Holy Spirit,” members practice the biblical food laws.
  • That many of the observances and beliefs of mainstream Christianity are adopted from ancient pagan beliefs and practices. Examples of these are the observance of Easter and Christmas. Members of the Church should not observe any of these because of their non-biblical origins.
  • That humans do not go to Heaven or Hell immediately after death, but remain unconscious until a future resurrection, when God will justly determine what best to do in each individual case.
  • That the visible return of Christ to this earth is still coming, which will begin the establishment of God’s rule on earth to restore all things, and to cause the salvation of the rest of mankind.
  • That the physical blessings promised to Abraham and passed on to the patriarchs have been primarily fulfilled among the British Commonwealth and the American peoples. That the “lost tribes of Israel” exists today, and that the Jewish people primarily represents Judah.

(Detailed “Fundamentals of Beliefs” will be formatted and submitted later)


The biblical mission the Church of God (Philippines), is to do its part in helping preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God (and God’s Truths) throughout the world through the Internet; and with primary focus in the Philippines to make disciples and teach those being called by God to observe all that Christ has commanded.

Within this mission statement are two primary areas of operation:
(1) the church’s evangelistic efforts to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world primarily thru the Internet, and personal public proclamation in the Philippines; and
(2) the church’s internal efforts to teach and serve its membership.


Maintain the BiblicalTruths.com website in English, Cebuano, and Tagalog languages

Public Proclamation thru BiblicalTruths.com Lecture-Seminars


The Church of God (Philippines) currently has about 140 members nationwide, with six active congregations, and led by three ordained elders (one acting elder), four deacons, one deaconess.

  • The Church conducts weekly Sabbath services in each of the six congregations and extends such services thru Facebook Live connections to several other locations and homes in the Philippines and in the USA.
  • The Church also conducts Annual Holy Day services in each of the six congregations and extends such services thru Facebook Live connections to several other locations and homes in the Philippines and in the USA.
  • The Church also currently hosts one annual Feast of Tabernacles site at Eden Nature Park in Davao City, Philippines.
  • The Church conducts Spokesman and Graduate Club sessions in Davao City which also connects by Skype to remote participants (with Internet connections) desirous to develop their leadership and speaking abilities, and provide fellowship with like-minded individuals, even remotely.
  • The Church maintains an Internet Website on Facebook to communicate exclusively with all its members and affiliates; and posts BiblicalTruths and other articles, updates, photos, announcements, and other relevant information. To access this website, please contact: Daniel Macaraeg


Edmond Macaraeg provides human leadership in the organization under Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

Daniel Macaraeg oversees Gospel Proclamation thru Media and BiblicalTruths.com website

Reuel Campos coordinates Member and Congregational activities in all areas

(These three elders formulate important decisions thru collective prayer and fasting.)


The Church of God (Philippines) can be contacted in the following manner:

P.O. Box 81315, DCPO, Davao City Philippines

(Physical mailing address, available upon request)

Phone/Fax: +63 (82) 241-0150 (Can also be contacted thru Vonage Phone, by VOIP)

Email Address: info@cogphilippines.org

Edmond Macaraeg, +63 (918) 919-4346; edmond@cogphilippines.org

Daniel Macaraeg, +63 (908) 875-1755; daniel@cogphilippines.org

Reuel Campos, +63 (932) 886-2777; reuel@cogphilippines.org